A conviction for driving under the influence can have serious consequences, including the potential for a life-long criminal record. Misdemeanor First-Offense or Second-Offense convictions come with loss of your driver’s license, steep fines, required class attendance, and the potential for 48 hours to two weeks of jail time. Felony Third-Offense convictions have additional penalties, including prison time for up to five years.

Because of the serious potential consequences of a DUI conviction, it is important to consult with experienced counsel to determine whether there is the potential to avoid a conviction. Our attorneys have handled countless DUI cases – we know the law and will work diligently to defend your case.

Due to a change in Mississippi law in 2014, many cases are now eligible for non-adjudication, and many past convictions may be eligible to be expunged. If you have a recent arrest for DUI, or a past conviction, let us help you defend your rights – call our office or email us using our contact page.